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Did you know studies have shown professional photographs can cause a home to sell for more money with less days on market?

As an agent you know taking photos of homes, putting out the signs, and adding the lock box take time away from your prospecting. That alone can cost you thousands if you miss just one lead, not to mention although the photographs may be good they won't be professional quality. Unless you plan to spend additional time with editing software to get everything just right (Again costing you time and money).

That is why I am here, I will take my time to shoot the home making sure it is right, I can even put the lock box on and sign in the yard for you. Just leave them with the homeowner, and I'll do the rest. While I am shooting the client and agent are more than welcome to be there or somewhere else the choice is yours. You can trust that I will get the shots you need, as I have shot many homes for a number of clients. Having been an agent myself, I understand the shots that cause a buyer to take action, as a photographer I understand what the client is looking for in the photographs of their home.  Once the shoot is done the photos will be processed to ensure they are sharp, colors are right, and they will be formatted to the required size for the MLS so the only thing you have to do is pick the best ones and upload them.